Did lots of work on Zombox this week….most notably the sound design, but here’s the overall scoop:

1) Many new props scattered throughout the city. Dumpsters, garbage bins, crates, trees….

2) All buildings are now labelled and their description will appear at the bottom of the screen when you enter inside (“House”, “hospital”, “department store”, etc)

3) The quality of the UI icons has been greatly improved. No more artifacting!

4) ….sound! I’ve begun the sound design process and it’s coming along nicely. Still much work to be done but I think the overall feel of things is there.

Here’s a Youtube video showcasing all of these changes:


7 Responses to “Sound!…”

  1. x-wolfhunter says:

    Hey, I have a suggestion for the zombie spawn rate: They should be relatively rare as normal occurance (So you don’t constantly have to be fighting zombies; I think it detracts from gameplay), but certain “high-profile” actions (Such as shooting a gun, driving a car, or breaking an object, for example) that generate noise should temporarily increase the spawn rate of zombies.

  2. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ x-wolfhunter:

    Good points…right now the zombie AI is extremely basic….it knows where you are at all times and just chases you down. It’s definitely a good idea to have more of a stealth aspect to the gameplay, and make it so that zombies need to hear/see you before attacking.

    The zombie AI is getting a complete overhaul soon….these changes will be reflected in the new system.

  3. Billy Connolly says:

    Yes! I love checking this site like once a day and finally seeing a new update. I look forward to these as much as I look forward to the Wolfire OG Alpha videos. Keep up the good work!

  4. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Billy Connolly:

    Thanks Billy!

  5. Innominate says:

    This is really shaping up quite nicely! Besides the stealth idea x-wolfhunter suggested, will there be any ways to slow down or distract zombies so you can get some work done? For example, throwing a piece of meat on the ground might make zombies target it preferentially (unless you’re closer and bleeding, or something), and boarding up an entrance could give you a few seconds of breathing space.

  6. Ishan Shukla says:

    Hey Tyson,

    Just came to say Hi being a long time fan of your work. The game looks kickass, and I got a much clearer picture from that ZConnection article.

    Keep going mate. Awesome work on this.

  7. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Innominate:

    You’ll be able to board up entrances, yes, and I’ve considered the ability to create/make traps. Throwing the meat is a good idea as well!

    @ Ishan Shukla:

    Thanks! 😀

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