Still kicking!…

It’s been a while since the last update, but never fear! Zombox is still alive and well.

Here’s a rundown of the features that have been added!

  • All NPC dialog trees have been finished.

Also, here’s an image outlining how the node system works:

  • The main sewers are now filled with NPCs
  • You can buy/sell from NPCs
  • You can loot items off dead NPCs
  • You can heal NPCs who are injured for an XP bonus.
  • There are now 15 mini-sewers packed with secret areas, items, and zombies.

Here are animated examples of each of those, in order:


23 Responses to “Still kicking!…”

  1. sheo says:

    Awesome! Any clans of NPC we can join?

  2. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ sheo:

    The NPCs don’t have clans, per se. You’ll mostly run across wanderers above ground and the NPCs below ground won’t go up top.

    But, you can ask NPCs to join you, and if they accept, they will follow you around and help you fight. So….you can form a clan of your own!

  3. Brett says:

    Hey Tyson, great update! Did you get my note via LinkedIn? Would love to chat with you more about this game 🙂

  4. Tyson Ibele says:

    Hey Brett,

    Could you try emailing it? I haven’t used LinkedIn in many years 🙂

  5. how are you says:

    iv been looking for awhile and i cant seem to find out what you people go by .i am wondering because i am looking foreword to this game and i am looking forward to other games you’ve already made.

  6. Anonymous says:

    must playyyyyyyyy

  7. X-WolfHunter says:

    Hey, Ibele. It’s X-Wolf again. I was just wondering: I know that this is your first game, so I want to know how you got the knowledge necessary to make this frankly amazing game? I ask because I feel like I’m ready to start developing my own game. I’d love to discuss it with you on the ZSDW if you want.

  8. X-WolfHunter says:

    Something just popped into my head. That thing in the upper right corner is health, right? Well, it seems to me that either the health is way too low, the zombies do way too much damage, or there are too many zombies – in that last .gif, it took you about five seconds to “die.” Just a thought.

  9. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ X-WolfHunter:

    Sure, send me a PM/email with any questions you might have.

    As for HP, yea I still have some balancing to do….also keep in mind when I test the game I play pretty carelessly because I have god-mode enabled so I cannot die.

  10. X-WolfHunter says:

    Awesome. Sounds good.

  11. Gamer says:

    Is it possible to invest money in the project?

  12. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Gamer:

    Buy it when it comes out 😀

  13. Gamer says:

    I will, this is definetly the next minecraft.

    It would be cool if you had different skills for crafting different items depending on how much experience you had on them.

    For example, you could need “cooking” exp to make better food.
    Another great one could be “engineering” allowing you to craft sentry guns or build vehicles at a high level.
    Also, shooting exp, so you become more accurate or reload faster.

    That would add a lot to the game and the character.

  14. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Gamer:

    Ironically, I’m actually working on the skill system as we speak. Those are some good ideas you mentioned! I’ll definitely take them into consideration.

  15. Gamer says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:

    Hahaha, thanks.

    It would be awesome too if when you pick up npcs and you get in a car, they get in with you but shoot zombies as you drive from the windows or the back of a truck.

    Its great being able to feed ideas into the project, have you thought about perhaps creating a more efficient tool for people to propose ideas? Like the “get satisfacion” page for minecraft. That way people could vote the best ones and comment. That would start creating a community for the game which could improve both the game and the sales. 😉

  16. Ryan says:

    Great work! I dont know if you would agree with this but with npc’s included maybe in a future update (when the game is released) you could add a Custom story mode, and maybe add a browser where you can dowbload others storys(idk about that, it could be hard) and then play the story? In the editor mode you could like add buildings and place npc’s and what they say,Trade and gor what price? I think this would be a amazing enhancment to an already amazing game, and nothing would get boring. Thanks for reading 😛

  17. nick says:

    Hey Tyson, I was wondering if you where still shooting for a may release date

  18. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Gamer:

    Thanks for the continued suggestions 🙂 I can’t make any promises as to which ones will be implemented, but it’s great to hear them.

    @ Ryan:

    Unfortunately your idea is a little too intense for this game. That would add way too much complexity that I couldn’t handle as a 1-man development team. Maybe in the future there will be a map editor or something, I don’t know.

    @ nick:

    I’m behind schedule for my originally-planned May release, due to work and other prior-commitments getting in the way of development. I’m not sure when it’ll be out, but I’m still hurrying to get it out as soon as possible!

  19. XWolfHunter says:

    Just so you know, Tyson, I sent you an email . . . although, the notification email for this comment will probably be sent to the same place, so if you see this, you’ve probably already seen it!

    I sent it to [xxx@xxxxxx], just so you know.

    Also, to anyone interested, you should check out my development blog for Pop!: Development hasn’t technically started yet, but the second I get my hard drive working . . . and find a good resource for learning Javascript (Tyson? Where’d you learn it?) . . .

  20. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ XWolfHunter:

    Hey, I edited out my email address from your comment since spambots tend to search for plaintext email addresses on webpages to add to mailing lists.

    As for your email…I haven’t gotten it yet I don’t think. I’ll keep an eye on my inbox 🙂

  21. XWolfHunter says:

    Well, it was basically just asking you how you learned JavaScript, since the book I got assumes I know it to some degree. It also let you know that I have a development blog that I made a few days ago, if you want to check it out:

    If you could just let me know on this comments system, that would be great.

    Also, I missed the update this weekend! What’s up? Things going slow, or working on something big? Either way, can’t wait for next weekend’s update. 🙂

  22. XWolfHunter says:

    Whoops, put the link up on the other comment, too. Ha ha. Ah, well.

  23. Sheo says:

    Tic-tac, the time is running away 😀 we are waiting for beta, the may is coming 🙂

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