Upgrade integration…

So I’ve been working on getting the upgrade system actually implemented into the game.

The upgrade menu can now be opened by clicking your character in the inventory panel. The various categories in the upgrade menu can be examined by clicking the arrows to the right and left of the category name at the bottom. The actual upgrades for each category can be examined by clicking the arrows under each upgrade animation.

The main guy in the upgrade animations is no longer nude, and instead he adopts whatever clothing your character is wearing.

Also, I’m about half-way done implementing all of the actual upgrades into the game. There are now special attacks you can perform, all kinds of stat bonuses, special items to get, etc…all purchasable with upgrade points within the upgrade menu. And in case it wasn’t clear, every time you gain a level from earning XP (by killing zombies, performing quests, etc), you get a new upgrade point you can spend in the Upgrade Depot.

The following animated .gifs demonstrate how the animated menu looks, and a few of the special attacks (special hand attacks, special 1-handed melee weapon attacks and special 2-handed melee weapon attacks)


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  1. Fadi98 says:

    @Tyson Ibele
    Very cool update i love the one that knock’s back the zombies

  2. Fadi98 says:

    @Tyson Ibele
    Does the 2nd and 3rd upgrade mean when you use a weapon like the katana
    sword the sword earns XP points ?

  3. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Fadi98:

    Any time you kill a zombie with any weapon you earn XP. Once you level-up, you get upgrade points you can spend in the Upgrade Depot.

  4. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Izitmee says:

    This is definitely the game-in-development I’m looking forward with most anticipation (both in terms of development diary and of pure “I wanna play this!”), and I love the clean design of the menus.

  6. Momo says:

    Tyson, which version will you release zombox on first, the iPhone, iPad, or both at the same time. Also, since you don’t know the release date yet, can you tell us the Month you think it will be released on. One last thing, do you know the rating of zombox. For example, if it’s 12+ or 17+.

  7. Momo says:

    Also, will there be day and night cycles. And if so, will it affect the zombies. For example, if it’s day time they’ll hide in the sewers and houses or something like that and when it’s night they come out to eat?

  8. Fadi98 says:

    @ Momo:
    he made an update showing the day and night cycle but i’m not sure what he made about the zombies but i think the are allways around day and night

  9. XWolfHunter says:

    This looks really good. This and Castle Story are my top two anticipated indie games (And games in general).

    Kinda makes my own game look n00bish – well, it IS n00bish, I guess.

  10. Momo says:

    @ Fadi98:
    Which update?

  11. Fadi98 says:

    @ Momo
    there are catagores on the right side of the page choose the Procedural world
    the is an update the says interiors and destruction the last animation of that update is the Day/Night cycle.

  12. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    does it allways rain in zombox ?

  13. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Momo:

    I’ll be releasing the iOS version first for sure…not sure when the other versions will be released or what their rating will be.

    There is a day and night cycle, yes. Right now it doesn’t affect when the zombies come out but it probably will in the future.

    @ XWolfHunter:

    Thanks WolfHunter! And don’t get discouraged…everyone has to start somewhere!

    @ Fadi98:

    No, the rain cycles on and off gradually.

  14. Mick says:

    By “other versions” does that mean there will be an Android release?

  15. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:

  16. Momo says:

    Thanks also!

  17. Rene says:

    Just wondering if your going to add game difficulties u should implement some survival system for hard games like needing sleep and food or etc

  18. Rene says:

    Also…will this be available to 3rd gen devices since it uses unity?

  19. rene says:

    just bought 15$ itunes card ,now to patiently wait…. 🙂

  20. rene says:

    btw(sorry bout my previous questions actually went back and checked out previous updates on the game so now i know;) also this has become the most anticipated game for me this year

  21. rene2 says:

    btw(sorry bout my previous questions actually went back and checked out previous updates on the game so now i know;) also this has become the most anticipated game for me this year

  22. Fadi98 says:

    @ rene2:
    same here it is the most anticipated game for me too

  23. Casper says:

    Hi Tyson i wanted to congratulate you on a very good game, probably one of the best games i’ve seen, i just wanted to ask one question and that is whether Zombox will be coming out in this month or in the future months this year, or maybe netxt year?

  24. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Casper:

    It’ll be out when it’s ready….when will that be? I’m not sure 🙂

  25. Rene says:

    Ideas I just want to put out there whether or not anyone cares.

    1.Surprise characters that could come up at special events and stuff (santa clause during christmas,ninja u could find and chase down to help you,)

    2.Or premium characters u could buy e.x:(ninja:more speed,strong melee,weak ranged)(Santa:Slower,but has a pet deer)(Serial killer:stronger in all stats but most rogue npcs are now hostile)

    3.PETS!!!!! having a dog in this game would be amazing! like the ability to find stray dogs in alleys or pound and being able to befriend it with dog u find or something like that.It would be able to die and turn into zombie.Also u could craft a small pack it could wear for your extra items.

    4.Ability to upgrade vehicles you find with mountable weapons provided you have the right tools.(i.e. a tool kit some tape and a chainsaw could make an attachable chainsaw to a car)

    5.(Expansion packs) This one is possibly the only one u might consider but in future updates if you could add extra islands with different storylines or islands that have themes like:Christmas island,tropical paradise,different cities,etc….

    Thats it

  26. kaboom says:

    whats the price? i need to save some money for it?

  27. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Rene:

    “Ideas I just want to put out there whether or not anyone cares.”

    As the developer of Zombox….I care! I love hearing peoples’ ideas and many ideas that have been suggested in the past have made it into the game.

    1) Cool idea 🙂 I like the idea of Santa Claus…maybe zombie Santa!

    2) I want to shy away from having ‘pay-for’ characters. I don’t want in-app purchases to give you anything that you couldn’t get by earning it over time. This is why in-app purchases will only allow you to buy extra zombucks. Maybe this will eventually change? We’ll see 🙂

    3) Good idea!

    4) Won’t be implementing that idea right now, but it’s a great idea for the future.

    5) I’ve thought about this too…maybe you can ‘escape’ to an island–but it’s full of zombies!

    Can’t make promises about any of these things, but they’re all great ideas!

  28. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ kaboom:

    It’ll be about $2.99.

  29. Aardman55 says:

    Will we get to see a Windows version for this, since its made in unity?
    Im desperate for zombie sandbox games, Project Zomboid isnt that great imho, and most good games i see are for ios or other handys that i dont have DDDDD;

  30. John says:

    I was wondering what the controlls are gonna be like because many games i play on ios are really bad and by the way this game looks it need great controll
    I wasalso wondering if you are testing thisonthe computer because i can’t see any controlls
    Thank you

  31. Avery says:

    Add jumping through windows and perks would be cool. Maby you could add multy player and also baracades

  32. Avery says:

    I mean I always post ideas

  33. Avery says:

    What about adding a feature where u could add npcs ass a team member u could call for help and u could make a main base where u could store the teamates. It would be cool if u could also do jobs for npcs like if they left something somewhere for u to get or for u to save someone. And the cars are cool but what if u could add spikes or armor to pimp it out. And if u had multy player u could have friends hold down the “fort” while u could go do stuff. And u could add special npcs that could help u along the way like a buff guy, a thief, and a black guy with a buttload of wepons. And npcs could live in a house as a survival family and u could help or make enemy’s with and u could add thiefs that if u kill your reputation goes up and people trust u more

  34. Avery says:

    And this is a long shot but if u could maby lower the ios prose to about 1.99 instead of two because I can inshure u that a lot of people will buy this game but some people don’t always go to the store and get money to put on thier iPod or iPhone or iPad and some people will just read about it or watch u tube without getting the full satisfaction of really playing the real game itself

  35. Avery says:

    And please do not limit the features u put on the ios and add more to the computer version. And if it takes longer so be it because the longer it takes the more anticipation the more the peeps will buy I mean I have watched all of the preveous videos and latly I’ve been looking for a good game and let me tell u I am a fan of the graphics u are pretraying

  36. Avery says:

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what u think of my posts as soon as u possibly can

  37. Avery says:

    U could also add gamplay videos when u have nothing to update on the game because like I said anticapation is a main factor in the marketing biz

  38. Avery says:

    Add sneaking around like if u could hide from peeps or zombies for a quick attack that would be cool

  39. Avery says:

    And there could be a normal amount in the day but there could be a lot during 12-5 and u could make stuff happen at night like that’s when the thifes I told u about come out or a spical type of zombie comes out at night. And do u have a forest for the animals if not well that’s an idea but if u do add climing them for shelter or to hide

  40. Avery says:

    And for your map u could add little refuges with a bundle of npcs and that is where u could buy guns and ask for jobs and in each home a npc lives there and if u talk to a lead npc you could live there

  41. Avery says:

    THat brings me to the next idea. In the base or fort I told u about or in a home in a refuge u could add a bed or fridge or stove or table or chair or tv or a light or a doorway or a gun safe or even a drawer and u could move them around in the home. For hospitality or to block a doorway.ps about the windows, only you can jump through them and u could shoot through them to if u could already do that that is great to

  42. Avery says:


  43. Avery says:

    Can u give an estament on when the game will come out

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