So, it used to be that when you’d jump in water you’d immediately die. But that’s no fun!! So….


As you can see, you can only climb out of the water if there’s nothing blocking the ledge in front of you.

Also, I’m verrrry close to having all of the refactored city generation code finished. Hopefully after that point, I’ll be able to post more frequent updates!


11 Responses to “Swimming…”

  1. MrMaxwell218 says:

    Awesome! Love seeing new updates <3

  2. foxtroterinfinity says:

    Make a diving animation
    Plus will it be released before christmas

    • LordJosok says:

      No offence, but how the hell can you know that, he hasn’t mentioned anything like that, and the release date still sais it’s not decided yet, so, if you’re sure, then please, give me some sort of evidence, because I’d like to believe it too!

  3. rene0121 says:

    Progress looking great hope you can release this by 2014 optimized for iphone 5 or galaxy s3/4, but if more progress all of us who are looking for a quality game are willing to wait so no worries 😛

  4. Fadi98n says:

    Nice, thanks for the update

  5. mynameisjesse says:

    Glad to see you’re still working on this. Was just remembering it on toucharcade and found your blog. Looks amazing dude…hope it gets to a point where you’re happy with it enough to release it. Projects can easily go on forever if you don’t set a target. Of course I’m not saying that is the case with this game I’ve just been waiting awhile for it, but thankfully I’m patient.

  6. cameron c says:

    Hey Ty,
    I was just wondering if this is going to be a another one of those permideath games. If not how would the checkpoint system/save system work

  7. AdamM07 says:

    This game looks amazing!!!!! I can’t stop checking for updates! I have a couple suggestions for the game too:
    1. 1st person view (not necessary just cool) 2. Air crafts, planes, helicopters, or even a UFO as an Easter egg. 3. Bosses
    It doesn’t matter if these are implemented or not, or in a future update. I’ve waited this long, I can wait longer for an update. At any rate, can’t wait for this game to be released!

    • AdamM07 says:

      Ty, do you plan to release Zombox? I check back every day to look for updates, but nothing’s been put up since October. This game is on the top of my must have list for IOS!

      • Tyson Ibele says:

        Yes of course! I would never shelve Zombox.

        That being said, there haven’t been any recent updates because I’ve been making some huge changes to the game, both in the front end (UI, gameplay, features) and backend (pathfinding system).

        All will be explained in the next post 🙂 I’m not sure when that will be (still have to finish this new pathfinding system) but it should be worth the wait!

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