Lots of Zombox development has been happening lately! Progress is still slow because my free time is limited but I’m slowly shortening my todo list.

Most notably, the game now includes a comprehensive fire simulation system. Years ago, I really wanted to include something like this, but the old devices I thought I’d be targeting (iPhone 4) have terrible performance issues when drawing transparent triangles to the screen due to horrible graphics fillrates…so even simple effects like explosion fireballs or burning zombies were causing performance problems. That meant having the ability to display fire effects over large portions of the screen was out of the question and I had removed certain weapons like molotov cocktails from the game in order to remedy the problem.

Now, the silver lining to development taking so long is that mobile technology has progressed to the point where drawing transparent sprites to the screen isn’t that big of an issue any more. So transparent effects like smoke and fire are all things that I can include which won’t kill device framerates. Fire-starting weapons are back in the game too.

So, now everything in the world can be burned with fire, and fire can spread depending on the intensity of the fire and the material it’s spreading to. Concrete and metal are more resilient to flame, whereas wood and cardboard will burn quickly. Fire can also be put out with water. Filling a bucket with any liquid and dumping it on the flames will put them out quickly. Rain will also help snuff out outdoor fires faster.

50 Responses to “Fire…”

  1. Vladimir says:

    It look realy nice, when would you think the game will be ready for testing? I’m quite excited 🙂

  2. Hugo Ganelius says:

    Two questions: Likelihood of multiplier, and likelihood of Steam release. Thanks, love you.

  3. Spracky says:

    Amazing, you never fail to impress. Keep up the good work!

  4. Pavel says:

    It looks awesome, can’t wait to play it!

  5. ikky says:

    Hello Tyson, I saw a glimpse of your work on twitter and I really loved it.

    Would you accept some help with graphic assets? I´m a traditional animator / Ilustrator , and I can do some very simple 3d models, too.

    Please feel free to contact me at

  6. Terry says:

    Your fire and water effects look awesome.

    Good to hear that development is still going.

    You are really talented my friend.

  7. Fadi98n says:

    Man I love the music in this game. Neat update, by the way.

  8. Nick says:

    Lol I remember first following this game junior year of high school. Now I’m a junior in college 😀 glad to see its still kicking!

  9. Roque says:

    Wow bro! I’m waiting this game since you started! 😀 it’s been a long time 😀

  10. Klown says:

    Hey man you’re doing an amazing job at this game man, I cannot wait for this game. It looks amazing, been following you since 2011, sooooo when’re you gonna be releasing a beta version or early alpha of the game? This game will probably give me another reason to never put my phone down. Sorry for the long comment, but I been waiting like 6 years which is understandable, you wanna make a really quality game which I can respect. Anyway it really looks like a nice game keep it up man. <3

  11. Scarlov87 says:

    Bro! when? 😀 wheeeeeennnn??!! hahaha

  12. Dan_Patate says:

    an update of what you’ve been doing in the past 2 months would be nice 🙂

  13. thelegend28 says:

    nigg* been jacking off for the last two months

  14. Investor says:

    I would like to help you finish this game.
    You mention limited free time, I wil pay for you to focus on this full time.

    Send me a message if you are interested on taking Zombox to the next level.

  15. broot says:

    Tyson, any chance you could give us an update? It’s been a while

  16. Rudi says:

    Hoping for a new update, praying this project isnt dead, that would be so sad 🙁 Ive been waiting and checking this site regularely for soo long…

  17. Tyson Ibele says:

    Sorry guys, I’ve roped myself into a 3dsmax plugin development project that’s taken 100% of my free time since March of this year, which means Zombox has been on hold since then.

    Zombox is my baby and will never be canceled, but since I can’t commit to working on it fulltime due to my real job and other obligations, I’ve also stopped trying to estimate when it’ll be done (because every time I set a deadline for myself, life gets in the way and I end up missing it). I do my best to work on it when I can but progress is slow because it’s such a massive undertaking for one person.

    But once I finish this plugin project I’ll be back on Zombox full force, although I’m not quite sure when that will be yet. Thanks for checking back in though, I always appreciate the support!

    • Spracky says:

      Thanks for the response, that’s all we wanted to know! I’ll still be around for many years, and I assume others will be too, so no worries. Take your time, and good luck with your real work!

    • Jason b says:

      As long as you don’t give up on it I’m happy, I have been keeping an eye on zombox development for years now. I can’t wait to play it! It looks amazing and I bet it will be a huge success.

  18. Rudi says:

    Thanks for the reply, Tyson! I will keep checking regularely until the game releases 🙂 Good luck!

  19. Hek says:

    Hey Tyson,

    Let me know if your interested in getting some funding for Zombox. Could speed up development.

  20. Sandoogs says:

    It looks amazing and super cute. I already feeling that this game will be a huge success when it’s come out.

  21. Terry says:

    It so good to hear that you plan to continue your Zombox game. This is awesome news! Consider launching the game with the core elements in place and then having other upgrades later, much like they did with
    Minecraft for the iPhone.

    All the best !

  22. Dat Boi says:

    Yo…… You dead mate? Is Zombox dead mate??

  23. Dat Boi says:

    Yo.. Is this game even ever coming out or are you just gonnaa tease us forever? Are you dead? Is this game just dead? We need to know man!.. Best wishes by the way hope you doin’ fine boi.

    • Spracky says:

      Up above Tyson said that he’s been working on another unrelated project that is taking up all of his time, but that he’ll return to Zombox when he is done with that project.

  24. Adrian Vargas says:

    Hi, this project still on?????….. Tyson why u dont star a kickstarter campaing?? :/ this game looks awesome, i follow this for 3 years please let me know something about u ……..

    cheers from México.

  25. Eazy says:

    Shame that this is vaporware now. Looked promising.

  26. Dorff says:

    Hey Tyson, while we don’t know each other, just wanted to say that you’ve been an inspiration to me when it comes to overcoming challenging problems. Dunno whats going on with this game, but to be honest, this blog has been a great read in itself. The game release would be a cherry on top (i’m sure you’re still gonna do it).

    You do you though

    Best Regards

  27. Ricky says:

    This is very similar to Zombox in terms of art style:

  28. Lost hope says:

    It’s now almost 2019?man.. atleast sell the game off to someone that could finish it. I’m sorry to say but this has got to be my last check in after all these years. Catch ya

  29. Ricky says:

    @Lost hope, he’s not obligated to make the game for you. Take your salt and shove it up your ass.

  30. Sujeto says:

    from time to time i like to come to this blog and see all over again everything about zombox development, is a huge inspiration! even if…

  31. Den says:

    As a follower since the early beginning of the Game I come here every month tho check your work. Take your Time, as long your page is online, I am here.
    Ps. For all the guys like me checking the site again and again, cheers 😉
    Greetings from Germany

  32. Clov says:

    Cool to see the site is up, hope is never lost. You’re great, please remember that. Here since 2012, much love.

  33. Ahmed says:

    Just like the people above I come to check this blog every month or two to check for any update 😀

    Hope everything is going good in your life. Looking forward to see this game finished

  34. Wilsonmaimb says:

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  35. Ray says:

    I remember years ago I would come here all the time to check on this and see if it was almost out. Crazy how it just randomly crossed my mind, and it is so cool to see a bunch of other people also here after years! Hope all is well.

  36. Heck says:

    In case ya’ll are wondering what he’s been up to:

  37. Darkus Tenebrae says:

    im waiting boy :v

  38. Sgetti says:

    Damn I remember following the development of this game years ago, I wonder what happend.

  39. Sadows12 says:

    One day maybe this will come to fruition…

  40. Frank says:

    2022 gang where you at? Are we giving up hope lol nope

  41. Hek says:

    Game is dead. Been over 6 years since an update. It was nice seeing the development. This is quite common especially as an indie developer. Most games never see the light of day. I myself have a few games that were put on the burner. It’s a shame cause Zombox had potential.

  42. Alek says:

    The hope for Zombox lives on. The world needs it! Your income needs it Tyson!
    Come on, I think this game is going to be a blast!
    Still here!

  43. Jorge says:

    I still believe

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