Inventory, hp and other stuff…

So I wasn’t able to post an update last week due to a busy schedule, but I’m back on track this week.

I’ve fixed lots of bugs and tweaked lots of minor things in the game in the past few days, and many new features have been added:

  • the environment now features broken bridges, dead ends, and various fences placed between buildings to block travel
  • many new scavengable items have been added to the world, including rotten/fresh food types and ripped/clean clothing types. Both clothing and food will offer the player different stat perks and bonuses
  • To feed your character, you just have to drag food/drink over to him in the inventory panel. Animations have been added so that the character eats/drinks what you give him
  • stats are now displayed numerically in the inventory window
  • the hit points of all props in the world have been better adjusted, so things don’t break as easily
  • the remaining hit points of props and zombies are now displayed momentarily in-game after they receive damage
  • when the player is hurt, his icon in the top right corner of the screen gets bloody, and so does his in-game body

Here are some images illustrating the features mentioned above:

4 Responses to “Inventory, hp and other stuff…”

  1. Frankie Stellato says:

    Lookin good! Like the idea of dead ends. It will definitely add a sense of panic to some moments when you’re low on life. Will you be adding any kind of boss characters to this?

  2. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Frankie Stellato:

    Hey Frankie, not sure about boss characters…I don’t really want their to be special zombies (even though there are zombies of varying strength, and some that are wearing armor, and others that are carrying weapons)…but I’ve thought about having certain hostile NPCs that are difficult to kill. They’d exist as boss-like random encounters in the world.

  3. alvaro says:

    Very nice Work!
    I want to buy it for android. it is on the market?

  4. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ alvaro:

    It’s not targeted for Android, but if it does well on iOS I’ll do an Android release.

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