XP, medkits, ammo and more…

This week I added several new things to Zombox:

  • it now has an XP system, that allows the player to upgrade his/her character. XP is earned by killing zombies.
  • it now has various healing items that can be collected. Pills, medkits, syringes, bandaids, etc.
  • the inventory GUI has been updated to display ammo counters for the five types of collectible ammo in the game.
  • ammo items can be collected from around the world, each containing various amounts of ammo for a particular ammo type
  • swinging doors will now knock clumsy zombies out of the way

Here are some .gif animations showcasing the leveling system and healing abilities, and an image showing the new inventory GUI layout:

3 Responses to “XP, medkits, ammo and more…”

  1. Frankie Stellato says:

    Nice! I always enjoy a game with the ability for characters to level up. It really keeps me playing. With the level ups are there going to unlocks associated with reaching certain levels?

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ Frankie Stellato:

    Yep! You’ll be able to choose new perks and upgrades with each level 🙂 Still have to implement those, though.

  3. Dennis D says:

    ooooooooooooh cant wait for your first release 🙂
    btw still messing around with your BG in max 😛

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