Interview on A.D.D Gamers

A.D.D. Gamers just published on article on Zombox.

Click here to read it!

5 Responses to “Interview on A.D.D Gamers”

  1. Frankie Stellato says:

    Sweet deal! Congrats man! Its nice to see the game getting a lot of buzz!

  2. Very nice game says:

    what engine do you use? cocos3d?) for physics box2d? or you’ve made your own engines?

  3. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Very nice game:

    It’s all Unity and Javascript!

  4. BOx HEad says:

    Uh how do i play this game

  5. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ BOx HEad:

    You can’t. It’s not out yet.

    But, once the beta is released, there will be an announcement here on letting everyone know.