Groupies, Guns and Gratuities…

More updates to Zombox this week!

NPCs can be convinced to join forces with you. They will do their best to follow you around and attack nearby zombies.

NPCs can also use guns now. However, if they’re standing too close to their target to use a ranged weapon, they will switch to a melee weapon.

You can rob NPCs by shooting at them and then holding them up with your gun. When scared, NPCs will throw their hands in the air and give you their money (be careful though, because nearby NPCs will come to your victim’s defense, and/or your victim will attack once you take what they have).

Here are some .gif animations to show the new features!

12 Responses to “Groupies, Guns and Gratuities…”

  1. Kurono23 says:

    This is looking amazing, I would love to see an android version.

  2. GoobeR says:

    This game looks sick right now! But I Got Questions:

    1.)What kind of firearms does it have in it? Many Assault Rifles, Bazzokas, Bombs, Flametrower, Alot of Handguns, Sub Machine Guns, Big Machine Guns???

    2.) Is this a free roaming game or a mission game?

    3.) Can you enter EVERY building in the city?

    4.) Will there be like a Weather System? Rainy, snowy, and foggy?

    5.) will there be day and night?

  3. Tyson Ibele says:


    1) Guns are rare. In a real zombie apocalypse, firearms and ammo would be very scarce. However, there are a few guns….pistols, shotguns, rifles, etc.

    2) Free roaming.

    3) Yes.

    4) Currently there is just rain which starts and stops depending on the in-game rain cycle.

    5) Yes, there is already a day/night system.

  4. GoobeR says:

    Thanks! I got a few more questions about the game..

    6.) When will it come out?
    7.) How much will it cost?
    8.) Will there be online?
    9.) Will there be different maps than the city?
    10.) How big is the city?
    11.) How many type of zombies are there?
    12.) Can you custimze your character?
    13.) Other game players that can help you kill zombies?
    14.) More Vechicels?
    15.) Is the houses/buildings just one story? Or is there two story houses/building?

  5. Tyson Ibele says:

    6) I don’t know yet.
    7) Right now I think it’ll be $2.99
    8 ) No.
    9) No.
    10) About a kilometer squared.
    11) I haven’t decided on all the different zombie types yet.
    12) Yes.
    13) No.
    14) Right now just the 4 different ones. I might add more later.
    15) All one story.

  6. GoobeR says:

    You got a email I can email you and ask you questions about the game?

  7. Tyson Ibele says:


    tyson _ at _

  8. GoobeR says:
    Okay, imma email you.

  9. GoobeR says:

    It says it invalid..

  10. Tyson Ibele says:

    Replace “_at_” with “@”.

  11. GoobeR says:

    Okay emailed you

  12. anon says:

    wow this looks very interesting, I like how he mugged that guy, lol.

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