Books, crafts and upgrades…

This week I worked on a few different things…

  • You can now find dozens of books around the city of Zombox. You can read books by dragging them onto your character in the inventory window. When read, a book will reveal a crafting recipe to the player.
  • When you craft something, or when you read a book’s crafting recipe, the recipe will be added to the new quick-craft panel. The quick craft panel can be opened by pressing an empty slot in the crafting window. In the quick-craft panel, you’ll see all of the recipes that you’ve learned, and if you have the ingredients for a specific recipe in your inventory, its icon in the quick-craft panel will be enabled. If you click an enabled icon, the corresponding recipe ingredients will be added to the crafting panel. This makes it easy and fast to craft things.
  • Some items and weapons can now be ‘upgraded’ in NPC stores. If you find something damaged or broken, you can upgrade it to repair it. You can also upgrade some items past their default condition to special conditions like ‘new’, ‘shiny’, ‘special’ and ‘super’. These upgrades will greatly increase things like damage and/or critical hit values.
  • You can now build storage chests to store your items in.

Click the images below to see animated examples of the above!

47 Responses to “Books, crafts and upgrades…”

  1. Jan Gross says:

    It looks good 😀

  2. GoobeR says:


  3. Ryan says:

    YEA! This game is looking better every update. (Obviously)

  4. Tartapus says:

    Great idea, those “little things” always make the game more pleasant.

    Ps: Just noticed your target devices are iOS and ipads, are you not releasing the on android devices?
    I have 3 android devices, and got rid of my ipod and ipad month ago… I’m sure there are many people that’d love the game but just don’t have or won’t purchase iOS hardware…

  5. @JosephPowers says:

    The updates look awesome. Can’t wait to play the game. 🙂

  6. SpiderSlayer says:

    Haha. Im so excited. This is awesome!

  7. Zach says:

    @ Tartapus:
    He is developing the game in the Unity 3D game engine, which has support for the Android line of devices, so I would expect a version either at launch or shortly after an iOS launch.

  8. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Very cool update
    I just have a question about the storage chests
    When you build a storage chests and store items in it
    Can you put it in your inventory and take it with you ?

    Any way great job on the update 🙂

  9. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Fadi98:

    No, you can’t move the chests. They’re mostly convenient for when you want to build your own shelter, and need something to store your items inside.

  10. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Hey Tyson
    Can you make something like building an underground shelter like the
    Sewers and only you can get in ?

    Also if that isn’t possible can make the sewers that the nps live in as your shelter ?

    And if you make a house or found a house that you liked can you mark it as your house so if you enter the map there will be a house icon on the place that you marked as your home so you always know where your house is so you never lose it ?

  11. Blackplug says:

    When you crafted the chest i see you dn’t get your hammaer back. Is it possible for you to make the hammar a tool and then, you can only use the hammar for contructing structsures? Sorry for the bad english.

  12. Mike says:

    Looks great so far!

  13. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Blackplug:

    Hmm…you raise a good point. I may make it so that when you craft things with a hammer, you don’t lose the hammer.

    We’ll see 🙂

  14. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Well there be any pets like stray dogs you find on the Street that you can raise like give them food or a shelter and they will protect you when you get attacked by zombies. Thank you

    Oh and what did you think about the other comment.

    Sorry for asking you so much questions

  15. Kurt Emami says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post! It has been very useful. I wish that you’ll carry on sharing your wisdom with us.

  16. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Fadi98:

    No pets currently, and not any way to mark something on the minimap. Maybe in the future 🙂

  17. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Thanks 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    do you have any new weapons or food or clothes in mind

  19. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Hi Tyson
    I was watching preview 10, and I noticed that when you enterd the Restaurant there was a cash register is it possible to take money from the the cash registers in the Restaurants or supermarkets ?

  20. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Also there were some zombies that were wearing hats can you take the hat if you wanted after you kill the zombie that was wearing it ?

  21. WauWsy says:

    Any idea when it wil go into closed beta orso? Because i wanne play and see how it plays. Looks much more fun then Minecraft.

  22. Nick says:

    Hey Tyson, I was wondering would you be able to sleep in beds? Maybe to skip the night and to restore a little health?

  23. smaug says:

    awesome 😀

  24. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Fadi98:

    Pete can pick locks, so yes he can unlock cash registers and get the money inside. The lock pick will also be an upgradeable item for other characters that you can get by leveling up, although other character’s wont be able to unlock things as quickly as Pete.

    As for stealing Zombie clothes, not currently.

    @ Nick:

    Possibly in the future, although not currently 🙂

  25. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Thanks for the answer 🙂

  26. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    How many craftable items are there so far
    And how many crafting catagores are there

  27. Jan Gross says:

    @ Fadi98:
    In the game are 30 craftable items.

  28. Fadi98 says:

    @ Jan Gross:
    Thanks 🙂

  29. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Can you craft clothes or food
    Or is it just weapons and walls and doors

  30. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Also does the weapon that you are using affect your speed

  31. Jan Gross says:

    @ Fadi98:
    Click on the link:

  32. Jk says:

    @ Tyson Ibele when or can we expect a android release of this much anticipated game, I think alot of people who want to play this game don’t use iOS so maybe making an android version could be just as profitable

  33. Tartapus says:

    @ Jk:
    I’m also hoping for an android version. I think he said he would work on it… I’m just hoping for the best case scenario…
    Which is a release the same week as the iOS version.

  34. Laytick says:

    Could you
    Please make some of the animations/videos That will work with iPhones or mobile devices

  35. XWolfHunter says:

    Ha ha, with so many people asking about an Android release, you should put something about it on your site. Otherwise, they’ll keep asking. 🙂

  36. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Is there a possibility to craft bikes

  37. Junk Jack Fan says:

    You should add the Junk Jack character to this game! Plus you should add:
    1. Snowy Weather
    2. More Maps
    3. Exploding Zombies
    4. Make surviving like Day Z and Class 3
    5. Make a 3rd person View alowed(Like Call Of Mini: Zombies)
    6. Bad NPC looting stores
    7. Buyable cars off NPC
    8. Bathrooms in buildings
    9. Silenters for guns(Avoid zombies)
    10. Bigger map?
    11. Many modes(Story, Survival, Hardcore, ECT)

  38. Pame says:

    @Tyson Can you make a video or an animation showing how all the characters are like?

  39. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Hey tyson
    I just saw the picture of the items and i saw newspapers and magazines so my qustion is what is the use of The newspapers magazines

    And can like tell us what is the use of the items like the cell phone or the soap.

  40. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Junk Jack Fan:

    Thanks for the list of ideas….you’ve got some good ones there 🙂

    @ Pame:

    There will be more videos in the future…don’t worry!

    @ Fadi98:

    Well, you can make a newspaper hat out of newspapers, but otherwise I’m not sure what their role is yet. You might eventually be able to read the newspapers/magazines the same way you can read books.

    Cellphone has no use (yet), soap can be combined with cloth to craft gauze, which is a type of bandaid that you can use to heal yourself.

  41. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Thank you

  42. Junk Jack Fan says:

    Thanks it was just ideas off the top of my head

  43. Junk Jack Fan says:

    Maybe ask Pixbits if you can add there character Jack(Junk Jack guy). Plus maybe his he can build faster and your crops grow faster. Also make it where he’s shy(because in the game Junk Jack he’s the only human) so he can’t really talk to NPC into stuff.

  44. TheReaperKST says:


    Just got an idea for newspapers and magazines in newspapers maybe you could find random mini quests like a lost pet or item and return them to their owner and in the magazines you could get skill points for some weapons or upgraded health or combat damage.

  45. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ TheReaperKST:

    Thanks for the suggestions…I like the idea of random mini-quests showing up in newspapers!

    Maybe the magazines offer temporary stat boosts like you mentioned as well.

    Great ideas!

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