Item weight….

Small update this week!

All items now have a weight (although many light items have a weight of zero), and each character can only carry so much. This will make choices about which items you choose to carry with you more important.

Also, Susan is now able to use guns, and Roy can now used 2-handed weapons. The consequence is that Susan cannot carry as much as the other characters, and Roy’s 2-handed melee attack is much slower than the other characters’ 2-handed attacks. The reason for this change is that I found the no-gun/no-2-handed-weapon limitation that those characters previously had to be quite annoying during gameplay, rather than challenging. By taking away the item restrictions and replacing them with a more flexible restriction, it’s more fun to play as those characters.

The following images show where the item weight data is displayed in the character inventory, as well as the Fitness Center upgrades — one which now allows you to increase the amount of weight you can carry:

102 Responses to “Item weight….”

  1. Robert says:

    This game looks…amazing. Hope it’s available on the new iPhone and iPod touch as well as osx πŸ™‚

  2. Phredd says:

    I found this last year, ive been crossing my fingers every day since

  3. Fadi98 says:

    this update is awesome
    i think it adds more challenge to the game
    i hope you add more things to make more challenging
    keep up the good work can’t wait for realese

  4. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    hi tyson
    i have an idea i wanted to tell you about it
    i don’t know if allready planed for this but will you make the newspapers and magazines become just like books in skyrim like if you look at a cooking magazine you will upgrade something with food or get a cooking recipe
    as for newspapers you can make them like reed news about like an NPC posts something on the newspaper like a quest for you and tells you the reward for it and also you can make ads in them like an NPC posts an add saying that he is renting a room in one of the swears where you can rent the room and give for the owner every like 10 days and if you don’t go to him and give hime the money he will kick you out of the room with all of your items if you make like a 5 day dely on the payment
    i hope you liked my idea sorry because it was soo long

  5. Bparker says:

    I was wondering if you would ever add something like weight to the game and now look what happened. Taking ideas right out of my head without me ever telling you. It makes following this game awesome. πŸ™‚

  6. Jack says:

    Aha, weight sounds like a good idea. And allowing the other characters to use those weapons, it sounds odd being completely unable to use some. Will there be a balanced character, or are they all going to be specialised?


    Are you sure there’d be organised newspapers in the apocalypse? And NPCs renting rooms? It sounds like a good idea, I’m just not sure it would suit an apocayptic setting.

  7. XWolfHunter says:

    @ Jack:
    There’s a balanced character; the one that looks like the original guy at the top of the screen, I think. That’s if I remember correctly.

    Tyson – keep up the good work. Looks great, man. No rush.

  8. Fadi98 says:

    @ Jack:
    i think pete is a balanced charecter
    thats who i’m playing with when the game comes out

  9. Topfries says:

    I have a question about NPC’s

    If an NPC dies by a zombie do they become infected?

    Because it would be cool if you added consequences if you let a survivor die. (the survivor could become a zombie that is stronger or something like that.)

    Of course these are just suggestions so do what you think would be best for this game πŸ™‚

  10. Laytick says:

    Have you optimized the game for the new iPhone and iPod touch ?

  11. Topfries says:

    I have a suggestion:

    Maybe you should release the game soon (unless there are a few key components left) and see how people respond to it.

    And if people run into a problem, you can simply establish an update.

    But its your game so it’s your call. πŸ™‚

  12. SpiderSlayer says:

    This game’s getting better every week, man!

  13. Rene says:

    Im with topfries man

  14. Rene says:

    make it like a beta then every month gather feed back adjust it accordingly and then update…..but like he said your call…..

  15. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Robert:

    Yep, once it’s releaed it should work with IP4 and newer.

    @ Fadi98:

    Great idea with the newspapers and magazines! I like that a lot πŸ™‚ As for the other idea…it’s more complex, but I’ll think about it!

    @ Bparker:

    Hehe, well don’t hold back on any other suggestions you might have! I can’t think of everything myself πŸ™‚

    @ Jack:

    Pete is probably the most ‘generic’ character, as his only setback is a price increase at traders.

    Oh also I should mention that Pete’s special ability is no longer moving faster over a short period of time, but instead becoming invisible to zombies for a short period of time. So his special ability is pretty cool too.

    @ Topfries:

    Right now NPCs don’t become infected, although that’s something I wanted to implemented.

    Also I plan to make it so that if your character dies, you can find their zombified body with one of the other characters….if you can kill that special zombie, you can loot the body for your old items! That’s the plan, at least.

    @ Laytick:

    The game will run fine on the new phones/pads…just need to modify the resolution a bit since the aspect ratio is different. I’ll be doing all that closer to when the game is ready to be released.

  16. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Glad you liked my idea
    And thanks for answering πŸ™‚

  17. Bparker says:

    Have you thought of possible being able to forge your own materials? Bascally you would sometimes randomly find an iron bar or maybe even a crowbar. You would go to a forge and melt it down to make more iron bars after that you would then find an anvil and have to craft your new weapon. You could also have the ability to customize it such as adding spikes for more damage or a hand guard for more defense. Stuff like that. πŸ™‚

  18. 89idif says:

    Hi @ Tyson!

    I have a great idea for your game so if I tell you about my idea I hope you like my idea. Basically, I think it would be really cool if you had dragons in it, like skyrim, And you could level up and kill those dragons. After you kill the dragon and get the dragons tooth you can sell it or make it into armour, just like skyrim.

    Anyway, hope you like MY idea

  19. Topfries says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:

    Thanks for the answer πŸ™‚

  20. Topfries says:

    hmm are there other faces? πŸ™‚ πŸ™ >:(

  21. Topfries says:


  22. Loltrollol says:

    Have u got any ideas wat so ever when it will be released, I don’t know about anyone else but I would buy it know if it came out!!!!! Please reply!!!!

  23. Kenny says:

    Release date this year maybe?

  24. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Kenny:

    Kenny I’ve removed your second comment. Please do not post under my username, pretending to be me, again.

    I keep comments free and open so it’s easy to leave feedback. If people abuse the system I’ll have to enable username registrations and right now I don’t want to have to do that. If any one sees anyone else posting under someone else’s username, please send me an email.

  25. Krissbaye says:

    Have you ever thought about adding ladders to the game? Again this game looks awesome! Just found out about it yesterday

  26. Loltrollol says:

    @ Loltrollol:
    @ Tyson Ibele:
    When will come out?!?!?!?!? Please reply?? I love this game!!!!

  27. Rudi says:


  28. TachyonicCookie says:

    @ Loltrollol: It will come out when hes finished. Do NOT rush perfection. Also, I had a couple ideas:

    -I was thinking that maybe it doesnt have to always be so gloomy and sad looking? What most zombie game developers lack is the realistic qualities. You on the other hand seem to have mastered that, but the lighting just seems so moody as if it were a curse or something. I want it to be like where a virus struck, and the weather and lighting wasnt affected. I want a feel like in dead island where it was a virus, not a voodoo god thing.

  29. Fadi98 says:

    @ TachyonicCookie:
    i agree with you

  30. Aaron says:

    Hi Tyson,

    The game is looking fantastic.

    I’m wondering why you don’t post the videos on YouTube instead of using animated gifs?

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  31. Fadi98 says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    Hey tyson
    I was wondering will you make an update showing the use of every item from the pic in the vehicles items and locations update ?

  32. Moo5e says:

    I honestly think, when you do get this game out, major game companies are going to want to buy you out! Not only would i purchase this for my phone, i would purchase this off steam for my PC!

  33. Rene says:

    @ Moo5e:I agree, getting this on my mac would be sweet!

  34. Jack says:

    I was curious Tyson, do you find it adds extra pressure to you with so much interest in your game?

    Because I’ve been developing my own little game (Apocalyptic, on IndieDB) which is similar to Zombox (but nowhere near as awesome) and suddenly I got all this attention because the concept was interesting. Seeing as I don’t know that much about about game development, people’s expectations are quite high and I’m scared to death about releasing versions… πŸ˜›

  35. Tyson Ibele says:

    @ Jack:

    That’s a good question, Jack.

    There is added pressure, yes. Although, I sometimes feel like the pressure I put on myself to succeed is greater than the pressure I get from others. I guess I just get very determined to complete something that I’m passionate about, so I set my own standards very high.

    Really the only bothersome thing to me about the extra attention is the number of repeat questions I get about the project. I understand that not everyone has been following the blog or is up-to-date on what’s going on with the game, but when dozens of people continually email or comment asking me when it’s coming out or if it’ll have multiplayer or if it’ll run on their iPad, it can be a test of patience….because I want to interact with the community and respond to feedback, but not waste time answering the same questions over and over.

    That being said, I can say the overall experiences I’ve had while responding to people who are interested in the game has been very positive.

  36. Tec says:

    Your game looks amazing Tyson. I get that you don’t want any added pressure about the game but do you know how much more you have left to add or a release date in mind? A lot of people are excited about this game as am I so maybe you can give us all a month to look forward too? Thats all we want.


  37. Phredd says:

    I really do think you should release the game and see what the internet thinks of it, then you can add updates to fix glitches or mabye add things people talk about wanting, much like Minecraft?

  38. Jack says:

    Thanks for the answer Tyson! I too feel that pressure put on myself sometimes, and it holds me back from saying “right, that works well- its good enough” and things take longer.

    @Tec, Phredd

    I have no idea where the game is up to, but I’m fairly sure he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to make a release date yet. I’m guessing that a release date simply complicates things and forces feature cuts… And we don’t want that, do we?

    A game can’t be released before it’s playable. That logic cannot be ignored… πŸ™‚

  39. Tec says:

    That is true. I guess i never thought of it like that before. This games up on my watch list with gta v and state of decay:) you got somethin special here because no ones making or has made a game like this. Im excited watching its progress. Keep up the good work.

  40. Fadi98 says:

    @ Jack:
    hey jack i heard you were loking for someone to make a texture for your game if you want i can make them for you

  41. Felix says:

    Where i can download or play the game? :S

  42. Fadi98 says:

    @ Felix:
    it’s not out yet it’s still in develepment

  43. Kyle says:

    Not sure if you knew you were going to be featured in the Indie Game PBS video or not, but i figured i might link it here in case you didn’t know –

    Congrats on coming such a long way with the game! You continue to be an inspiration

  44. Kyle says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:
    You should create a FAQ for all those questions you have to answer over and over. Maybe a Wiki Page and just crowd source it ?

    I checked up on all your links and didn’t find one, so hopefully im not another person adding to the repetitiveness πŸ™‚

  45. Nathan says:

    Tyson you are amazing

  46. Nathan says:

    Best game producer lists top 4

    1.Tyson Ibele
    2.fourSaken media loft

  47. Nathan says:

    @ Tyson Ibele:

    Relax we all have faith in you don’t put pressure on yourself cause we know you are trying your best

  48. Nathan says:

    Tyson I Got a idea which is probably in the game but what if when you find a car you gotta lock pick the door and once you get in you have to hot-wire it? And plus did you allready add a radio station to the car so you can listen to music but using the radio station deplete the car battery faster which causes it to break down?

  49. Fadi98 says:

    @ Nathan:
    that’s awesome and i think if he makes the music in the radio staitons your music so everyone can listen to his own music while he is in a car

  50. Nathan says:

    y@ Fadi98:

    Yes and when you listen to the music you gain xp or something

  51. Fadi98 says:

    @ Nathan:
    yes like small amount of HP like 10 HP every minute or something like that

  52. Nathan says:

    @ Fadi98:

    Yeah exactly!

  53. Nathan says:

    I think this is already in the game but what if you can craft like a laser gun or a lightsaber cause that would be epic!

  54. Rene says:

    YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE COOL!!!!! references! try putting references to maybe some of your favorite video games or characters. like have a guy who will give you special “shrooms” for a really cool medicine buff and you go kill a special brown zombie or finds a plumber looking guy in the streets.(if you don’t get it that would be a mario reference but I’m sure you will) it doesn’t have to be mario just choose a video-game or character to reference the event to.


  55. Rene says:

    and even if theres a strict limitation on memory space you could do maybe just one or two references in there…with no new skins just different dialogue and a slightly different mission.

  56. Nathan says:

    @ Rene:

    Uhhhhhh what? ? /:(

  57. frang says:

    making the game even more real like. I havent seen a post on backpack items. which could carry only so much weight and maybe if your items you are carrying are heavy they could slow you down. Also will both versions of the game be 3 dollars? I want to play this multiplayer and I heard u werent going to make the ios version multiplayer only the pc version so I was planning on getting both but not for 6 bucks! plz plz PLZ add multiplayer like not online mega multiplayer but at least minecraft pe multiplayer.(2 people are using the same wifi and playing it together).Think about a google play release too. I also was wondering if there is a story mode and a random server survival mode.

  58. Nathan says:

    @ frang: ur right pls tyson listen to frang

  59. Nathan says:

    @ frang:
    Wait a second Tyson said muiltiplayer might be in his sequel if he ever makes it

  60. Anonymous says:

    @ frang:

    Dunno where you heard that PC would have multiplayer. Zombox will not have multiplayer on any platform.

  61. Nathan says:

    Tyson I watch ur YouTube videos and their awesome

  62. Nathan says:

    Tyson when i was watching one of your youtube videos which had to do with a astronaut and alien I screamed when i saw ur face cause from what i heard from you getting pressure I did not know a young lad like you has to suffer like that. (I think i exagerated too much)

  63. Nathan's minion says:

    Tyson From what i heard from people asking you to release it I got a Idea. Why dont you realease like a early version of zombox on the Iphone/PC so that will at least keep them quite until you release the official version? But its your call man

  64. Nathan says:

    I agree with my minion like the early version of zombox could be like a demo or somthing

  65. Phredd says:

    I agree with mathans minion as well, i think it would be a huge help gor people to play it early, like beta, and they could gove you feedback like what to make better or what to add or subtract from the final product, but it IS your call

  66. Phredd says:

    Sorry for huge amount of spelling errors

  67. Fadi98 says:

    i actually don’t agree with you guys thou i would love nothing more to do than to play this game but we really shouldn’t rush success so we need to wait for the game to become finished. but, that’s just my opinion.

  68. Phredd says:

    @ Fadi98: I understand that, but im thinking im my mind, that is what Minecraft did, look at their success! Just a thought

  69. Phredd says:

    Also, on a different point, are you thinking of getting this Greenlit on Steam, Tyson?

  70. Fadi98 says:

    @ Phredd:
    i think he once said it will probebly not be on steam but i’m not sure if he said that or not.

  71. Nathan's minion says:

    @ Fadi98:
    I agrree with you maybe a demo wouldn’t be a great idea πŸ™

  72. Nathan says:

    @ Nathan’s minion:
    wait a sec your my minion! speak when i allow it! >:(

  73. Nathan's minion says:

    @ Nathan:
    but you never told me to speak when i typed about the demo /:0

  74. Nathan says:

    @ Nathan’s minion:
    O right sorry

  75. Nathan says:

    Guys Guys I dont think my dad will let me download anything that cost money on the computer so im just getting it on the Ipad.(I have a iphone but my mom might wont get it on the iphone cus she knows the apple password and i dont)

  76. Nathan says:

    you know nobody said this but at the picture at the top of this page its quite cool and funny cause like theres a bajillion zombies A HUGE HORD of zombies surounding a man and he’s like wassup with his hug ax XD

  77. Fadi98 says:

    @ Nathan:
    i know i love that pic i even have it on my iphone because i zoom it and make it my wallpaper

  78. Nathan says:

    @ Fadi98:
    I was also about to do that too!

  79. Nathan says:

    Tyson why don’t you add first person shooter view on zombox like in mine craft?

  80. Fadi98 says:

    @ Nathan:
    i think the game will look better like this

  81. Nathan says:

    @ Fadi98:

  82. Nathan says:

    Everyone there’s this game called N.Y. zombies 2 and its comming out on October 25!

  83. Nathan minion says:

    @ Nathan:
    Yes this game is simular to zombox exept you cant craft stuff and everything is not made of blocks, its reallike. Technicaly to those who know Dead island think of N.Y. zombies 2 as the same exept it is in a city…….New york city

  84. Tec says:

    Whens the next update

  85. Nathan says:

    So knowbody knows NY zombies 2?

  86. Jack says:

    NY Zombies cannot be compared to this. As far as I know, it’s a completely different style of game.

  87. Fadi98 says:

    @ Jack:
    i’m with you, you can’t compare a game the has crafting, npc’s, and all of the other cool things with a game that is just shooting.
    to me, any game that has crafting is awesome and zombox has crafting and alot of more awesome things.

  88. Nathan says:

    @ Jack:
    i know im just spreading news and stuff im not comparin

  89. Nathan says:

    wait a sec dead island has crafting! but no zombox is moree awsome

  90. Nathan says:

    technicaaly the only simularity there is to ny zombies 2 and zombox is free roam and weopons!

  91. Fadi98 says:

    guys i asked tyson about the next update on tweeter and he said the next update is in a couple of weeks because he is busy with work.

  92. Nathan says:

    @ Fadi98:
    Thats good to hear

  93. Fadi98 says:

    @ Nathan:
    it is i’v been wating alot for the update and now i finnaly know when it is coming

  94. Nathan says:

    Tyson In your other page thingies I heard that the city of zombox is going to be split into 3 islands or somthing but plz dont do that, instead why dont you do what Mojang did with minecraft…you put in a random world generator which makes the world unlimited

  95. Bparker says:

    Can’t wait for the next update!

  96. Fadi98 says:

    @ Bparker:
    Nither can i πŸ™‚

  97. Phredd says:

    @ Bparker:
    Yeah, I’m actually starting to wonder if something went wrong or if Tyson is too busy…

  98. Phredd says:

    @ Nathan:
    That probably wouldn’t work for his target release, IOS and such, because it probably couldn’t run an infinite world, case in point Minecraft Pocket Edition

  99. Phredd says:

    @ Nathan:
    But I’m sure the cities will still be different every time

  100. Fadi98 says:

    @ Phredd:
    Nothing is wrong he just said he is busy with work πŸ™‚

  101. Nathan says:

    @ Phredd:
    i hope so

  102. Fadi98 says:

    @ Nathan:
    Don’t worry he did say everything will be randomized

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