Getting back on track…

My life has settled down a bit so I’m able to work on Zombox again!

Here’s a taste of things to come…

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  1. Jared says:

    I check this page every day, and have for a long time, I am so excited I have a 4 dollar balance I’m just saving for this game when it comes out on iOS App Store! This is the first time I’ve commented. Do you think this might be out before the end of the year? Thanks! 😀

  2. Kriss says:

    Yay finally!! Can we interact with them?

  3. PartyPicks says:

    Shame its just for iOS atm the way the game looks and sounds it would probably have a way bigger community if it had a PC version coming instead

  4. Nathan's minion says:

    They look so cute with those red eyes! 😀

  5. davien says:

    you should really release an early alpha for us just to give a little taste of whats to come. its like cooking a good stew, you want to give it a taste before its done or else you might over cook it or the others might become impatient and decide not to eat it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy that you have finally gotten back to development on Zombox. This was coming along splendidly!

  7. Fadi98n says:


  8. Fadi98n says:

    Tyson you said in the game we will be able to recruit NPC’s, but.. will we be able to make the NPC’s secure a bulding that we bulid or we like so they can become like our house bodyguards and will protect us when we are in the house for some money.?
    Also, will the NPC’s follow us when we get in a car.?
    Sorry for the long questions. 😀

  9. Chris says:

    I dont want to kill a dog/ cat… 🙁 but if i can keep them as a pet… then HELL YEAH. and why are do all the animals have bloodshot eyes?

  10. Miguel says:

    Oh boy thanks for the update, I was eager for my zombox fix, Tyson, please for the love of god tell me if it’s gonna be supported for the iPodT4, cause if it’s not, I’ll have time to star saving for my new device, seriously, I wouldn’t mind picking up a new device just for this.

  11. Nathan's minion says:

    NICE so do these zombie animals have special abilities like the skunk has a poisones spray attack or the cat can throw claws or the bear has a charge attack or something?

  12. Topfries says:

    this is exciting! the animals will add some more variety to zombox. And perhaps open some doors to some more features. maybe if you break the cage a bear is trapped in, it will go on a zombie killing rampage. Or if the dog spots you, it will start barking which would attract more zombies. And as always, do what you think is best Tyson 🙂

  13. Jason says:

    Hey , pretty Awesome Game .
    Please dont make bosses , they suck.
    Can u maybe bring out a beta for like 1,5 bucks in Spring ??
    Sorry that i didnt left my e-mail here .
    What software do u use for music-production ?
    You could also find some guys here on ur website to help you ,
    because (i think you already know ) its hard to develop a game
    Are there any persons that help you with your work ?


  14. Fadi98n says:

    Tyson, are you thinking about adding more item slots to the game and by the item slots i mean the three slot “hot bar” on the top.?

  15. Fadi98n says:

    i know i’m asking alot of qustions but, how will you be able to make a sheep hostile i mean i can’t think about hostile sheep.? 😀

  16. Nathan says:

    (With Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) I’m back………..>:)

  17. Nathan says:

    you know what you should do tyson is that not all zombies should be walking around and stuff cus in a zombie apocolypse there are many corpes lyng around, some are zombies and some are truly dead, so in this game there could be bodies lyng around, some would come up and try to kill you while other bodies would stay there, so that could force the player in precaution like if there is a random body in a house then the player has to be carful cus the body might be a zombie or it could be truly dead. Just like in almost all zombie games like Dead island or ZombiU.

  18. SpiderSlayer says:

    Nice to see you’re back!

  19. Jared says:

    Aww, I was really looking forward to it like Christmas or something :/
    You could always release it on the iOS App Store first and just give updates to it like Mojong did with mine craft? 😀 and then when you’re all finished release like the Mac version. But the App Store is cool cuz you can release a game and just add updates to it. I am Soooo looking forward to this!!!

    • Nathan says:

      Dude it’s just like what Fadi98n said, you shouldn’t rush success, otherwise it would make the game look bad, I mean mojang should have thought of this when they released Minecraft PE cause their were many bad and buggy things in it like no crafting and chests and even if they continued to update it, the damage was done Minecraft still has a 4 and a half star rating even if it is good right now due to it getting low star ratings when it first came out. So let Tyson discover the variable of what he should put in the game so when he releases it, zombox would get a full 5 stars!

    • Fadi98n says:

      Nathan is right i mean minecraft PE is really awesome but, it is really buggy what tyson is doing is to create a flawless game so it doesn’t matter if it takes time to finish the game because the outcome will be epic.

  20. George says:

    Have you considered launching a Kickstarter?
    Here’s hoping for an Android and PC version, too!

  21. Rene says:

    Tyson I commented before and was my suggestion on animals and pets any way related? 🙂 any response is fine

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      Yep, I try to implement good suggestions people make 🙂

      However there are currently no pets in the game.

      • Phredd says:

        Yeah, i dont usually care for pets in these types of games, but i like the planting you implemented a while ago, that was interesting

      • rene says:

        thats awesome!!! glad i could contribute ideas even if pets are a no go it would still be pretty awesome to find a zombie bear in the wild and kill for special crafting items or a quest.or maybe even get certain food from them u can eat 🙂

      • Drake Allen says:

        Will this be on the android market as well?

    • hussan says:

      i think pets would add a good thing to a zambie games but some times its just anoyying still waiting for the game

  22. Gulo says:

    Tyson .. have you thought about adding random dead bodies on the streets or whatever..and like, the dead bodies have items

    oh and special types of infected like l4d-l4d2..or how bout infected animals

  23. Gulo says:

    Here’s another suggestion.. Weather! It’ll be awsome if the weather could be snowy,sunny,cloudy etc..

    And how about infinite world(i know this is alot to ask for.. its just a suggestion) and different places like a city, swamp, jungle etc.

    I’d like to know what’s your opinion on this .. Epic game btw..

    keepmup the good work!

    • Gulo says:

      Keep up* damn ipad

    • Phredd says:

      AGREED, except infinite world might not work, i don’t think that our poor iOS devices can run that stuff after a while can they?

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      Zombox in its current state will never have an infinite world.

      As for weather, I’ve thought about adding snow and stuff but one of the problems with that is that as soon as you start adding more complex shaders to the game, things lag on iOS devices. So currently there’s a rain cycle and a daylight cycle, but nothing other than that.

  24. Phredd says:

    Hey, i think that now is a good time for Zombie Survival games, DayZ, this, Project Zomboid, The Dead Linger… All of which are SURVIVAL and not just shooters like CoD or L4D (which are still fun but…)

  25. Nathan says:

    Tyson i was on other sites when i heard you mention about Zombox 2 but i have to say this, I realized that in your blog you are giving everything you got in this game and since you are squeezing every great idea out of your head the only thing new in Zombox 2 would be multiplayer, so I wonder………What if in Zombox 2 you play in the medival ages? that would be awsome because that means there could be dungeons, new armor, and new characters like mages, knights, or assasins? For mages you could cast spells and enchantments over weopons, knights have incredible durability, and for assasins(if you know Assasin’s creed or Backstab) you could be stealthy and climb on buildings and stuff like Altair!?

    • Nathan's minion says:

      I dunno Tyson whatever my master sais sounds good but its your call man

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      I’ve jokingly mentioned “Zombox v2” but that was just hyperbole because the features I was referring to won’t appear in this version of Zombox.

      The doesn’t mean I’m serious about developing v2 🙂

      • Nathan's minion says:

        Hahahahahahahahahahahah LoL Nathan you should pay more attention XD

        • Nathan says:

          Yeah sorry Tyson cause I should have known Zombox would be too awsome and epic to have a sequel. Plus I asked a magic eight ball if you are going to be rich and it said yes O__o.l

  26. Gulo says:

    Well yeah.. snow might make the game laggy.. but maybe you could make snow like rain maybe? i mean the animation but make it different .slower (feather like). Or how about make a different area snowy?(kinda like minecraft)

    As for infinite world.. try if u can

    and you know what? you should make a survival mod! hordes of zombie.. endless rounds!
    tell me what y’all think

  27. Fadi98n says:

    tyson, do items respawn in Zombox.?

    • Gulo says:

      What do you mean by respawn?.. dropped items?

      Anyway.. i just had an awsome idea about daytime and nighttime!
      how about make the game turn daytime 7am to 7pm on the ipad pokemon diamond. when its day the game is in daytime,when its night its night time

      tell me what y’all think 🙂

  28. Anonymous says:

    Whats the price are u thinking on this game?
    And how much money you spend developing this game?

  29. Zombeh says:

    Are you tyson ibele the guy who made the sony commercial?

  30. Gulo says:

    anonymous .. Read what?

  31. GodNighTY says:

    Add some traps for Animals and Zombies like Bear Traps etc.

  32. Gulo says:

    why are there so many comments about the same thing?spam?

  33. Nathan says:

    Guys I got a idea of “respawning items problem” let’s say randomly a helicopter flys and drops a stash of supplies somewhere in the city and that would fix the unrealism if items do respawn.

  34. Drake Allen says:

    Will this be for android as well?

  35. Glad to see you back. As a unity user I find a great deal of inspiration in your work. Love the boxy characters and animals.

  36. Hi there, just dropping in to let you know that you have been featured on Indie Game Blogs:

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