Zombies of a feather flock together…

So one of the things I’m currently implementing in Zombox, is a more interesting world and more interesting types of zombies.

Currently, the game features a plain city with a single zombie type of various sizes. I displayed a teaser image of the new zombie animals in the last post, but I’m also adding all kinds of other zombies.

The new city is going to feature more interesting ‘zones’. Farms, shipyards, marshes, graveyards, etc. And each of these zones will feature unique zombies relevant to that specific zone. Some of these zombies will also have special behaviors and attacks to keep things interesting.

Here is a teaser image of some of the new zombie types. I still have about 25 more to make. If you have any suggestions for cool zombie types, post them here and they might make it in the game!

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  1. Sam Schultz says:

    Hooker/Drag Queen zombie.

    You know you want to 😉

    • Bro :D says:

      And a Camo zombie he have armor and a zombie doctor heals other zombies and huge zombie can Bash you and a breakable body parts and classes (medic he spawn his health is 200 and the survivor class he can build a fortress like wooden barriers and walls and much more the marksman class the accraiut of the gun intres %30 more then the normal gun sorry for my bad english 🙂

    • BUTTSEXS says:


  2. Chosenlama says:

    Maybe an Armored Zombie and a thief zombie who steals an item and trys to get away

  3. Chosenlama says:

    and maybe an “acid” zombie who creates and acid puddle every time you hit him, this puddle will damage you and other zombies but not the “acid” one

  4. Gustaf says:

    Rich lady/gentleman zombie for the upper class quarters, a chef zombie wearing a toque who throws butcher knives at you, a judge zombie wearing a wig and wielding a gavel, and different kinds of sport zombies (baseball, hockey, football) with the respective gear (baseball bat, hockey helmet, hockey stick).

  5. Fadi98n says:

    Awesome update, why don’t you make firemen zombies and doctor zombies and maybe swat zombies that would have armor 😀

  6. Brandon says:

    Military zombie- Dressed in camo and has increased health and damage.

  7. Fadi98n says:

    also tyson, i just thought if see, say a hospital will there by some npc’s that will cure us for money or supplies and will be like if we have a broken arm an npc that is like has a major in arm surgery will cure us but, i think the second part is hard to make and, you can make the same thing with police station armored police men will help us for money or supplies.

  8. Fadi98n says:

    and it won’t like just get in and find them you’ll have to kill some zombies and get the npc’s from a trapped room and maybe help them escape before more zombies come

  9. Gulo says:

    Zombies without limbs or without. a head 😀 that’ll be awsome

  10. Anonymous says:

    Doctor zombies that heal limbs but have less health,
    Swat zombies with armor and guns,
    Undead Dino’s pretty self explanatory….

  11. How about randomly scaling the different parts of the zombie bodies to give them different proportions? i.e. slightly bigger head, slightly longer arms, a beer gut, etc.

  12. Skeith says:

    Can we get a hyppie/tree hugger zombie with long hair and a righteous goatee or other facial hair ? 🙂

    All those zombies look like dudes (even those in female underwear :p), perhaps you could include some female models of the existing ones.

    Some of itwas mentioned before, there are “regular” jobs that could be filled. Army, swats, waiters, nuns, firemen, doctors/surgeons, athletes (with those rubber suits), flight attendant, pest control (with the yellow suits and breathing mask), Mc donald counter dudes, Footbal, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing (etc) players, fashion models, dominatrix, cooking chefs, hunters, cheerleaders/balerinas, ninjas, monks…

    And perhaps just for the heck of it, some dudes in mascot costumes. Like a wrench costume if he (suposedly) worked for mechanic shop or some zombie in a bear costume …

    Well I hope you didn’t think of some of those.

  13. unclechoo says:

    How about a mall cop. XD

  14. Miguel says:

    Nice, I like the following suggestions above:

    Hooker (my personal favorite XD)
    Armored Army Zombie.

    I’d add:
    -Lab coat zombie.
    -Radiation suit Zombie.
    -No legs zombie.

    Oh the wait is killing me.

  15. Marco A. says:

    I think that there should be a suicidal zombie that after you kill him he would explode and give some damage.
    It would wear a bomb vest

  16. Marco A. says:

    I also think there should be a-
    Construction worker zombie- drops nails
    Doctor zombie- heals zombies but drops HP items
    A zombie with half torn limbs- has sharp bone coming out of his arms and super fast, but not much health- drops bone peice to make bone knife that is rare
    The mother bug zombie- it has a lot of health and is really really slow and spawns little weird bug things that die in one hit but protects the mother zombie- drops little jar of bug thingies – you can then use the jar to break it open and 5 bug thingies will come out to defend you

  17. Bro says:

    My list:
    Camo zombie

    Doctor zombie (can heal other zombies)

    Arms or legs can be break when you fall from a high place

    Add jumping and crouching

    Thanks for making this epic game!! 😀

  18. TheEMZeeG says:

    What about a fun fair zone where Clownzombies are spawned? some could ride a tricycle.
    And will we be able to swim or will there even be water in the world? Then you could add zombie sharks which try to bite you if you get to close to the water or zombie divers who lie around at the shore and stand up if they see you. and it would be cool if they drop a harpoon 🙂

  19. Chris says:

    Someone above me said a thief zombie. That would be a great idea, but it would kindof defeat the purpose of being a zombie… y’now… if it ran away from you… also a bullet proof zombie isnt very smart to use because Tyson already stated that it is based around melee weapons, because ammo is scarce. im very glad all that everything is looking better though! very good job!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Skeleton zombie(regenerates health)
    Suicide zombie(bomb strapped)
    Air zombie(in an airplane)

    • Miguel says:

      Just my opinion but please don’t do the doctor or the thief zombies, zombies are not supposed to have abilities based on skill, they’re zombies, their cognitive capacities are at their bare minimum, just walk towards you and eat you.

      And I think the armored zombie reinforces the idea of threat with melee combat, since the ammo is scarse an armored zombie would really scare you and would probably would make you want to escape, which is something no game makes you do and would be nice to see.

  21. Says says:

    How ’bout zombies which can drive? Or Matrjoschka zombies, so if you kill the they’ll spawn many little ones.

  22. Cameron says:

    Put the game out for iphone and then start updating it from there

    Please iv been waiting for this game for so long

  23. Loltrollol says:


  24. xwolfhunter says:

    Yeah, man, this is taking way too long. I’d polish this off, get it working, storyline etc., and then update from there. You’ve said that you’d get it out too many times in the past. We don’t want a perfect game yet, we just want it. Once it’s out, THEN add more stuff and update it. Or make a second one. Or whatever. Just get this one out! 🙂

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      I would much rather take a longer time to release a complete game, than release a broken, unfinished game and promise future fixes and updates.

      The worst thing I could do to Zombox at this point is rush the release date. Progress is slow, but steady. It’ll be released when it’s finished.

      • Fadi98n says:

        I agree

      • Topfries says:


      • frang says:

        Hello Tyson I think a night time zombie with haircurlers and a night gown would be cool. Also there could be a zombie girl with a bear like in the first episode of Walking Dead. If you had a Power Plant like Cherynobl you could have genetically modified zombies with two heads and 4 arms. And a hazmat suit item you need to enter the power plant

  25. Tyson Ibele says:

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! As you’ll see in the next update, I’ll be implementing many of these!

  26. Marco A. says:

    When you told us what you said in the latest blog, the zombies that you like you add them possibly. Will you notify the people that gave the idea?

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      The next update will show all the new zombie types, so people will be able to see if I decided to use their idea or not. It’s not quite as simple as saying “I got the idea for this zombie from so-and-so” because some ideas have been mentioned multiple times by different people, but suffice to say, I’ve read everyone’s suggestions and appreciate them all. Many of them will make it into the game.

      Since you asked me specifically, I guess it’s worth mentioning that I really liked the ones you posted, so I’ll definitely be using some of those! (construction zombie drops nails, doctor zombie drops HP, etc)

  27. Cameron says:

    I would rather have an incomplete game that can be updated because it would be more fun that way and you would be able to see what the update is not just read about.

    Please consider putting this game out please

  28. cameron says:

    you know how when you get an update from the app store it feels pretty good to get that update

    please at least put a beta out

  29. cameron says:

    ok what if you see a zombie and a human strugaling and if you dont help fast enough the zombie infect the human/npc

  30. Topfries says:

    a zombie whose arms have been ripped off so he has to head bash you

  31. SpiderSlayer says:

    A crawling zombie? Missing it’s legs. And then maybe a fat zombie. It’s slower but takes a lot of damage.

    Nice update!

  32. Nathan says:

    Looks good……oops sorry i mispelled, Looks GREAT!

  33. Nathan's miniion says:

    Overly mutated huge zombie spiders would do great in this game.

  34. killcan312 says:

    Here are some ideas for the game, co-op 1-4 players or just 1-2, a boxing zombie that uses its fists and punches rapidly,football zombie, has increased health throws footballs at you and rams you with his helmet which leaves you temporarily stunned, military zombie increased health(not too much) and wields a gun, beast zombie is big with a lot of health and smashes you which stuns you temporarily and can throw you,jockey-like zombie like in left4dead weak and jumps on your back causing you to be unable to attack until you get it of(probably by rapidly pressing a certain button,hazmat zombie must be killed with a gun, if you touch it or hit it with a melee weapon you are temporarily intoxicated and you lose health over time,and zombies can attack other NPCs and if you help them the NPC will help you,also i would add different areas like a dock where you can travel to different islands maybe or maybe breakable bones like if you get bashed by a beast the you could break an arm and you would have to use the other are and each arm can have upgradable accuracy or if you break a leg your player will limp and move slower, and also add hunger (if there isnt already)also sicknesses if you eat raw food which can be cooked at a fire, another suggestion armor or clothes that keep you warm if it is cold, and some more zombies, Mad zombie wrapped in a strait jacket and moves very fast and has a little bit over normal health, a headless zombie that bumps into things and walk aimlessly and is the same as a normal zombie, also maybe on the zombies some will have showing bones,spitting zombie spits gas and is like an old man and walks with a cane,rabid zombie dogs that if they bite you the only way to get cured is by a vaccine shot which can be found in hospitals, also some weapons/items are a bat that stuns zombies, different guns like AR at least 3 different kinds,Shotgun at least 2 different kinds,Sniper Rifle at least 2 different kinds(Allows you to drag the cross-hair across the screen to a limited amount of area depending on what rifle you have or what accuracy you have, SMGs terrible accuracy no matter what but shoot a lot of bullets,bow and arrows(must be crafted with wood and string,arrows must be crafted with and wood, knifes too!! Also the game is lookin great, I che check every day!

  35. killcan312 says:

    sorry for the super long reply

    • Marco A. says:

      He said that Zombox will not have any multiplayer and it will only be single player. And the old man spitting acid sounds like zombieville 2

  36. frang says:

    Add a funny night time old lady zombie in a night gown and with curlers. That would be cool.

  37. Chris says:

    please god dont turn this game into some over the top bs like some people are asking, the only thing that needs to be somewhat comical are the graphics, if im going to play an intense zombie game i want to be able to take the game seriously, its a great thing your doing here, and i dont want listening to every fan to f–k up the game. Thank you.

  38. Cameron c says:

    tyson can you please update us every week on what’s going on even if your still working on the same thing

    Please reply if you get this

  39. Cameron c says:

    Please do not make the weapons break after a serton amount of hits. That’s one of the thing ps about the games that I play that I really really hate.

    • Chris says:

      Actually it adds to the realism and survival vibe. dont use the great melee weapon you got or your screwed. it adds a feeling of fear to a situation when you lose your weapon in the middle of a fight, and choosing a bad weapon thats durable over a good weapon that is about to break adds tactical options.

  40. Cameron c says:

    IPad said thing ps, it should have said things

  41. Cameron c says:

    Ok also please put silencers in the game for guns. If you don’t have a silenced gun then other zombies will here you and come running after you. Do you like my ideas?

    Please reply if you do or say what’s rong with the idea or something

  42. Phredd says:

    Hey Tyson, not to be insulting about how you are making your game, but don’t you think there is enough content for base release? I think you should concentrate on releasing the game as is, with all the bugs fixed and such of course, and add new content as updates

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      As I mentioned elsewhere, releasing the game ‘as-is’ would be a mistake. Also, the main reason updates are slow recently is not because I’m trying to put too much stuff into the game, but because it’s hard for me to find time to work on it. There’s actually not that much stuff left to do in the grand scheme of things…the problem is finding the time to do it, since I have a full-time job and other priorities that come first.

  43. Fadi98n says:

    Oh tyson i have a question you said there are three islands in the game but, what is the size of these islands i mean how long would it take for someone to scavenge a whole island, fighting the zombies in it and, finding underground npc’s will it take like 1 hour or less or more..?

    BTW sorry because i ask you alot of questions here and on tweeter it probably bothers you, but i love this game and i love to learn everything about the game.

  44. Cameron c says:

    And please all I have is two more questions, is there going to be silencers? And are you going to make the wepons break after so many hits because that’s the reason I don’t get manny games, it dives me nuts. So those are my two questions, if you get the time please reply. And as always it’s your choice.

    • Fadi98n says:

      I asked him about the silensers on tweeter he said it will be a unversal upgrade in the upgrade menu which means all weapons will make less noise

      as for durability i think he said melee weapons will have durability. For me it’s better because it will make the game more challenging then to have a weapon that will last forever.

  45. Fadi98n says:

    Oh and tyson did you read my idea at the beginning of this update post (Soryy For Bad Grammar) 🙂

  46. Jason says:

    A Michael Jackson zombie would be Classic as an easteregg 😉
    But it would be awesome that there wont be bosses , that have like 500 Times more Health or an typical attack cycle with for example fireballs.
    By the way Tyson , you’re so awesome for the Community , answering all those questions.
    Do you think you will Finish the game to q3 2013 ??

  47. Cameron says:

    So you said you should have a beta out by cristmas right

  48. Cameron says:

    Ok you said there will be durabilaty for wepons so if you hade a good wepon you would not want to lose it right? So what if you put in workbenches so you could repair it for some amount of money

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      Hmm…not sure where you’re getting your information from. There’s definitely not going to be a beta by Christmas, and weapons won’t have durability. Although the durability is something I *might* add in the future, it’s currently not on the todo list. 🙂

  49. Nathan says:

    Tyson, are you going to change the way you loot dead stuff?, like instead of coins popping out of enemies when you kill them, are you making it so you have to loot bodies seperatley the way you loot objects in the environment like garbage cans and chests? plus that might be useful for your “types” of zombies. For example a dead policeman can have a pistol and a few bullets on it, or if you loot a zombie worker, he will have like a wrench and a few food?(if you dont understand then i will say it, its like in your game where you go to a chest or a garbage and loot it by preesing a button on the screen, but you could do the same thing for zombies) This might add some realism to your game(I think) but its ur call.

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      Certain zombies will have item drops, yes, but I haven’t added that yet. That’s coming in a future update! 🙂

  50. Nathan says:

    I was meaning to say garbage can, not garbage

  51. Gulo says:

    Yes! Finally,item drops,different zones,more zombeh 😀 havent been checking zombox for a while.
    Tyson, have you considered implementing maps in the game? Not an invetory item.. like, maps on building walls.. show the area near by..

    You could also add shops.etc with items
    E.g weapon shops have ammunition or explosive..
    grocery store have food and supplies

    And Tyson,do you think the my daytime and nighttime suggestion was a good idea? I posted it on you last update.

    😀 good luck

  52. Anonymous says:

    will you be able to marck your houce in the game so you dont lose it

  53. Cameron says:

    I just thout if you had silencers instead of the upgrade it would be cool bcause i think the game would last so much longer and you could find like broken ones that only take the sound off just a little bit or find like realy good ones that almost make no sound but are realy rare. Just a thought, please consider putting my idea in, and as always its your call

  54. Nathan's minion says:

    Tyson will there be dark areas? like suppose in the sewers there’s a plaace where its pitch black so like in order to see, you will need to equip flashlights or lanterns(you could wear a lantern or type of flashlight) whitch you have to recharge by changing the items batteries, plus it would add some horror elements as when you are in a dark area you hear zombie sounds but cant see them but when you turn on your flashlight, you see a crowd of zombies surounding you O__o but it’s your choice.

    • Fadi98n says:

      That’s an awesome idea

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      That’s a really good idea. I’ll have to think about it a bit because the only problem is that iOS has a hard time rendering things like dynamic lights, which you’d need in order to have a good flashlight + spooky shadows setup. Eventually I want certain sewers to essentially be randomized dungeon-like levels and that would add a lot of cool atmosphere to them. Cheers!

      • Fadi98n says:

        One type of flashlights you can make is a minerhat the one that is a yellow hard hat with a flashlight on top of it because it would look awesome 🙂

  55. Chris says:

    one more thing(s), could you remove the zombies dropping literal coins? it reminds anyone whos played a gameloft game waaay too much about freemium titles like batman where the enymies literrally dropped coins instead of just having money added by kill. Either change it from coins to dollars or automatically give players the currency, because it will turn quite a few gamers off immedietly. If you dont change it, its cool too, im buying this first day anyway, i love what your doing here also, and following this game from a year ago until now has been great, VERY good job! 🙂

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      Well, this is the first time anyone has commented on the coins in a negative light in almost 2 years, so I doubt it will be a huge turnoff, but I can understand your point.

      I’ll be keeping the coins in there though, mostly because I want the player to have to collect them (especially if kills are made from a distance with a firearm), and because they are a nice visual “success” aid. Also, eventually there will be item drops, along with the coin and health drops that currently exist.

      • Gulo says:

        Since there”s a sewer system..maybe you should add muddy zombies(or sewer like) crawling out from the drains..

        Oh and btw, could we sell materials we collected?

      • Fadi98n says:

        To me they are fine i like how the coins are, you having to collect them is better then the coins coming to your pocket by ther own.

        • Gulo says:

          Do you think the coins disappear after awhile? cuz i think its better if the coins didnt dissapear?

          And can we buy materials from npcs? Or trade?

          • Fadi98n says:

            I think it would be better if they did disappear because it would make want to get them fast before they do disappear, And i think there is a post about the npc trading ther is, they can repair your items and you can buy and sell from them in the sewers.

  56. Fadi98n says:

    Tyson will you add a feture that will give us the possibility to have our characters respawn rather then switching to another character.?

  57. TachyonicCookie says:

    Some infected should have items on them, like in DayZ. From food, to drinks, to ammo or craft material, zombies should die and have items on them (SOMETIMES)

    • Gulo says:

      Well maybe zombies should drop item based on their character
      like: cop zombies should drop ammo and or weapons
      and infected animals drop..meat

    • Fadi98n says:

      I like your idea 🙂

      • Gulo says:

        Thanks 🙂
        since we can collect bricks by destroying building walls,can we also collect other materials? Like wood..?
        And rarer items such as metal? Create stronger items that deals more damadge or crit damage?

        • Gulo says:

          By wood i meant like chopping tree, i know we can collect wood by destroying benches or box,but if we’re in a different area/zone it would be nice to collect wood from trees if supplies are low

  58. Fadi98n says:

    Meery Christmas Eve Guys 🙂

    • Zombeh says:

      Well since im not christian i dont celebrate christmas. But merry christmas to you too
      Wait..make santa zombie

      And anonymous,
      What i meant was collecting metal scraps from wrecked cars or from wrecking stoves,ovens in houses.

  59. Chris says:

    Merry Christmas Tyson!

  60. Anonymous says:

    merry christmas

  61. Nathan says:

    Merry Christmas to us all!

  62. Drew says:

    How about a bride zombie?

  63. I’m still learning from you, while I’m making my way to the top as well. I definitely liked reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the tips coming. I liked it!

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