More updates…

Lots of Zombox progress this week.

Here’s a video showing it.

  • Implemented the inventory windows into the game. Got icon dragging, active slots, etc and everything working. Note: in the video the weapons that the character uses are being dragged into the inventory from the “object” panel. The “object” panel right now is temporary, but in the final game this will be where objects and items from characters and places you search around town will show up.
  • Implemented the weapon system (animation, scripting, etc). The character’s animation/pose now adapts to the weapon type and each weapon and item has unique properties.
  • Weapons that swipe or slash as their attack leave a subtle motion-blur trail behind them
  • The on screen controls were redesigned after much deliberation, after getting feedback from many people that the old controls were too bulky.
  • The map now includes lakes and rivers
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