The horde…

So I’m done creating the various zombie types that will appear in the game, and I’m officially sick of painting textures!

Some of these will only be able to spawn in certain areas, but others (the more generic ones) will be able to spawn anywhere.

Next thing on the todo list is to create their various special attacks and behaviors, and incorporate them all into the zombie spawning engine.

(Click the image for a full-size view)

78 Responses to “The horde…”

  1. Looking good! Nice array of animals. Does Santa spawn only at Christmas? Festive variations would be cool 🙂

  2. Miguel says:

    I know it’s kind of a pointless question but if you could give a percentage of completion of the game, what would it be?

    Loving the Hazard suit zombie.

    Best regards, still waiting impatiently.

  3. Ben Parker says:

    Awesome job on the update! Keep up the great work!

  4. Fan says:

    Every time I see a new update it just encourages me to make a game with unity 3d PS. Keep up the good work!

  5. James West says:

    They look awesome!
    But does there really have to be special attacks? It really ruins a zombie game when their abilities are not actually zombie characteristics. I mean I hate to whine but for example in left 4 dead the special zombies that spit acid and are big hulk guys just take the ‘zombie’ feel out of it.

    Regardless I’m really looking forward to this, keep up the good work!

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      No no…not “those” kind of special attacks 🙂

      I mean things like….the ‘lumberjack’ zombie will shamble around with a hatchet or an axe, and will flail it around to try and kill you….or the suicide-bomber zombie will explode when he gets too close.

      There are no ‘special’ zombies in the game. They are all just undead humans hungry for brains. But that doesn’t mean that they are all clones of each other. A little variation in the way they hit you, the way they wander, etc, is nice!

  6. DracoDroco says:

    Why do they have round skulls? What is supporting the square shape of their heads? Has the entire population received some kind of implants to conform to the ideal angular body image propagated by main-stream media?

  7. Fadi98n says:

    The look cool 🙂

  8. Ozzymops says:

    Nice zombies,
    is the game going to be just zombies and the player, or are there also going to be survivors or someting?

  9. Yeknom says:

    Zombie Skunk…. Sooooo cute XDDD

  10. Fan says:

    Can you give it a little zombiu feeling like when your first character dies you can find him or her in whereever and kill it then take what you died with?

  11. Gulo says:

    Zombie characteristics
    My idea anyway
    Footballplayer more health maybe?or, the zombie charge on sight and knocks you back an deals damage
    Same goes for hokeyplayer

    Biohazard zombie fire proof? Or something?
    Clownzombie honks when u hit them

    Cop, engineer, or fireman zombie drops item based on their character

    And I just got an idea
    How about npcs killed by zombies turn into one!

    Tell me what you think guys.

    • Gulo says:

      Skunk zombie reduce the players speed when he attacks with his stench.
      And umm.. Ty.. will the bomber explode when he gets close or when you attack? And will animals spawn normally like zombies or are they rarer to find?

      • Tyson Ibele says:

        All great ideas! And yes, the bomber zombie will explode when he gets too close.

        • Maxwell218 says:

          Football player charge and then put you down (Left 4 dead 2 Chrager).

          Hockey player swings their hockey stick to deal more damage or maybe acting like a sniper shooting you some puck (maybe too much for a zombie).

          They both have more health then other zombies (except for like military and other peeps).

          Answer back plz! <3 you tyson and good ideas Gulo :3.

          • Tyson Ibele says:

            Those are cool ideas for sure, although for now the zombies aren’t going to have ‘special’ attacks. They’ll have special drops and various immunities (for example, swat zombies take less bullet damage, firefighter zombies can’t be lit on fire, etc)…but overall will just be shambling around and not smart enough to do coordinates attacks.

  12. Fadi98n says:

    I just noticed that the zombie on the top right looks really creepy.

  13. Josue says:

    The best zombie I see is the one with a yellow suit and a mask he looks cool! P.s nice work 😉

  14. Josue says:

    One more thing will the police zombies would they be able to use there guns? Thank you!

  15. killcan312 says:

    An idea for the santa and elf zombies they can drop presents that contain a random item but santa drops a better item than the elf, another thing change the zombies in the corner so that they have square heads, it just takes away the blocky feel from the game.

  16. Noah says:

    Tge purate zombies should drop some type of gunpowder or blunderbust maybe even a type of sword

  17. Noah says:

    Sorry for my grammar im on a iphone

  18. Gulo says:

    How about…small animals like cats,racoons,and skunk lunge at players from a small distance,since they’re so small and’s that sounds..

    and the zombie behind the engineer is mud zombies? because it’ll be really cool if the zombies could either crawl up from mud and sewage or maybe grab players(as in suprise attack)
    plus…bomber zombie drops tnt if you kill them(if they dont explode though)

    tell me what you think

    and Tyson,
    thanks for the reply..appriciate it :3

    • Gulo says:

      Ty i hope you reply this ’cause this isreally important… do you think zombox have some frame rate issues with 1st gen ipad?
      i hope it doesent

  19. Nathan says:

    will there be rats where you can hunt them cook them and eat them, cause when i watched one of ur zombox youtube videos the npc was saying he’s been feeding off rats for weeks?

  20. Nathan says:

    sorry for the sentance errors

  21. Cameron says:

    How much disc space is it going to take up

  22. Nathan says:

    guys relax, a demo would not be a good idea since it will waste time. Just sit back and when this game comes out, the wait will be worth it

  23. Noah says:

    Tyson what generations of ios will be able to use zombox because im running a iphone 4 and i dont know if i will be able to use your awesome game

    • Tyson Ibele says:

      More info about which devices are supported will be posted closer to release. I have to test on a bunch of devices that I don’t currently have before being able to narrow down which ones I’ll be supporting.

  24. Noah says:

    Alright how much do you beleive you have to do before the beta release or full release Tyson

  25. Noah says:

    Tyson how much time do you estimate the beta or full game will be released

  26. Noah says:

    Ok tyson i cant believe this is a hobby your work looks professional you should start in game design

  27. Nathan says:

    can you kill zombies by stealth? in which they can only detect you by the noise you make or by which they can see you with their line of sight (some zombies can see farther than others), but i dont know since in ur zombox videos, when you see a zombie it’s already walking towards you but what if in my “stealth kill” scenerio when you see a zombie, its back is turned against you and you could creep up to it without makeing a sound and kill it by snapping its neck.

  28. Noah says:

    Tyson what if the park ranger zombie rode the bear zombie but it would be a very rare spawn to happen in a forest or a wild life park

  29. Gulo says:

    I’tll be awsome if the bear zombie would go beserk and kill anything in its path..zombie ,car,walls or what ever..but eventually stops when he missed hitting the player..if it didnt stop it would probably be op

  30. Anonymous says:

    This isgaem Ian the best

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dis game is teh best of all zombie games for now.

  32. Noah says:

    Tyson i have a idea for a update there should be different types of weather to the area your in, like bye the coast maybe a hurricane and everywhere else maybe earthquakes and hailstorms just thungs that will damage the surroundings so the player has to constantly be underground or on higher ground or hiding buildings or bomb shelters

  33. Noah says:

    Yeah i was just thinking that the earthquak would just be like small to maybe crack ground knock over walls just to make it more challenging to surving in the destroyed world and matbe even flooding in the sewer letting in some infected crocodiles or maybe wash in zombies

  34. Noah says:

    Tyson in the end of the game or when you get to the last island you should be able to find and fix up a boat to pick up survivors or maybe explore smaller islands that randomely generate like hawaii how they are in a cluster but they are smaller land masses

  35. Gulo says:

    And Hey.. how about the smaller zombies have higher pitch voice(like kids yelling, etc.) and the bigger and tougher ones have deep voices..

    it adds character for zombies.I um.. think..

  36. Noah says:

    Gulu i also said when you get to the final main island

  37. Noah says:

    Hey gulu how did you make up that name

    • Nathan says:

      I like ur idea about after getting a boat and exploring randomly generated islands, like u could find a island so u can camp out there and retrieve more survivors but will have to go back in the city to retrieve supplies since survivors might have a hunger bar or something

      • Gulo says:

        Sure.. a trip to dead island.. lol but i like the idea too… bu the thing is would the trip be like an animation(by that i mean like loading screen) or driving it?..

        Gulo is my cats name btw noah

        • Nathan says:

          I would choose driving the boat because it would add more realism and plus while you search for islands you can explore abandonded infested boats that are randomly floating in the water

  38. Noah says:

    Gulu and also what im thinking is that you can make a fortress like a jail super gaurded and be able to harbor a lot of survivors and maybe even have the pirate zombies drive over other zombies to try to over run the fortress

    • Gulo says:

      Dont call me gulu its Gulo.. i dont think pirates can sail a boat.. thats unrealistic..but how about an abandoned ship..all the crew are zombies

  39. Gulo says:

    is it for ios 5? I hope not cuz mine still 4.3.5

  40. Make says:

    Just wanted to say, this is going to be epic.
    Waiting for it.

  41. Tyranozord says:

    These designs look great! I see you have some farmer zombies, and I know your making vehicles, so would you please consider adding a drivable combine harvester? Think about it: its a massive beast of a machine with a spinning wheel of death on the front. Perfect for the zombie appocalypse! I think that would be really fun… Anyone agree with me?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I wanted ask is the game just free because look at shadowgun and cod zombies for ipod it ridiculous and is it for ipod or psvita cuz that would be awesome + awesome zombies bro 🙂

  43. Anonymous says:

    You know I just thought of these rare finds like easter eggs like you could find minecraft steve in like a wooden or dirt house or maybe you could just one nazi zombie (call of duty zombies) in a torn down bunker which would drop a weapon from CoD like a ray gun. Then you could like find more Easter eggs like Louis from left 4 dead, lee from walking dead and maybe the guy from zombieville USA good idea or what? :/

  44. Anonymous says:

    any news Tyson?

  45. Great work so far. I can just imagine you when your finished soon saying” I’m done”
    Two questions. Will it be out for android and what price?

  46. Cameron says:

    When is the next update

  47. Cameron says:

    When is the next update going to be

  48. Anonymous says:

    Bro be patient we’re all waiting as you are
    So I’m guessing the next update might take about a month

  49. Nathan says:

    can there be a zombie mode, where you play as a zombie? Like in it you are in a thriving city but whoever u bite turns into a zombie and your goal is to turn the city into chaos?

  50. Andrix says:

    Hey that looks awesome! how about you make some drugs? lol it would be cool if the main character could like buzz out and get all these pixelated things floating around. and also get like buffs that make him stronger or potions that speed him up and stuff… and could you please tell me if there will be multiplayer for this game and if possible could you tell me how much percentage youve completed of this awesome game?

  51. Shamont laws says:

    Wow this is epic, but here’s a tip for some of you commenters, Stop telling him ideas from left for dead :/ all that stuff can get him in trouble for copyright reasons. Another thing is, those round skulls really give the game a non-blocky feel, so can you make them square? An 1 last thing, MORE ANIMALS! As you can see your getting the best feedback, People LOVE cute furry things! Go on YouTube and search up “cute cats” soooo many views.

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